Do It Yourself Section

This section is where I'll be posting DIY projects and other car maintenance how to's .

DIY Differential Swap

Change your Differential Fluid
Flex Disc (Guibo) replacement
Having vibrations in your drive train? It could be from a bad Flex Disc.
21¢ 14mm Hex wrench for Differential fluid swaps
Oil Level Sensor replacement

Oil Change

Final Stage Unit
Common failure that causes the cabin fan to blow at the wrong speed.

Parrot Bluetooth Install using Connects2 Steering Wheel Harness

Usually fails stuck open. Causes your engine to run cold.

Water Pump


Power Steering Reservoir
Simple fix for a leaking cap on your power steering Reservoir

Exhaust Camshaft Sensor

Windshield Washer Pump
Clean or Replace your wind shield washer pump / strainer

Fix Sunroof Sunshade Sliders

Front Control Arm Bushings




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