DIY Final Stage Resistor


Figure A: Final Stage Unit

Figure B: Remove Glove Compartment

Figure C: Remove Lower Tray

Figure D: Move module out of the way

Figure E: Remove Final Stage Unit



E46 Final Stage Resistor

These instructions are only a guide for replacing the Final Stage Resistor (Unit). Please read through all the instructions before attempting to install on your own. I take no responsibilities for any inaccuracies or problems/damage /injuries you may encounter from using these instructions. Please consult your shop manual.

A failing Final Stage Resistor will cause the cabin fan to blow at sporadic speeds. It usually shows up as the fan blowing at a faster speed then it is set to.

Parts Needed
Final Stage Unit (Part # 64116920365) (Figure A)
(Check BMW for latest part #)

Tools Needed
T-20 Socket
Philips Screw Driver

1. Remove Glove compartment. (6) Philips Screws. (Figure B) Unplug light and flash light wires.

2. Remove the lower tray holding footwell light. (Figure C) Unplug light.

3. The final stage resistor is located behind the footwell air duct. (Figure C) There's a module blocking it, you'll need to move it out of the way before you can access the Final Stage Resistor. Move this module by removing the (2) T-20 Screws (Figure D). There's a hose that's connected to this module that you don't need remove. Just let the module dangle.

4. You should be able to see the FInal Stage Resister now. Remove Final Stage Resistor by unscrewing the (2) T-20 screws. Unplug the wire. Unclip unit and pull out. (Figure E)

5. Reconnect everything in reverse order and you're done.

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