DIY Oil Change


Figure A: Oil Filter

Figure B: New o-rings and sealing washer

Figure C: Pan for Oil

Figure D: Raise front of car

Figure E: Remove oil filter cap

Figure F: Dirty oil filter

Figure G: Replace o-ring

Figure H: New Filter

Figure I: Open oil pan access panel

Figure J: Remove drain plug

Figure K: Draining Oil

Figure L: Replace sealing washer

Figure M: Oil Service Indicator Reset

E46 Oil Change

These instructions are only a guide for changing your oil and oil filter. Please read through all the instructions before attempting to install on your own. I take no responsibilities for any inaccuracies or problems/damage /injuries you may encounter from using these instructions. Please consult your shop manual.

BMW recommends changing your oil ever 15,000 miles. Please refer to your service manuals for proper oil change intervals.

Parts Needed
7 quarts of Synthetic oil 5/30 (please check your manual for the oil capacity of your engine)
1 Oil filter (part # 11 42 7 512 300)(Figure A )

Tools Needed
17mm Socket
36mm Socket
Screw driver
Jack & Jack Stands or Ramps
Pan for Oil (Figure C )

1. Raise the front of the car. I prefer to use ramps when doing oil (Figure D)

2. Remove oil filter cover with 36mm socket. I use a paper towel in between the socket and the cover so the socket doesn't ruin the cover. (Figure E)

3. Remove old o-ring seal and replace filter with new one. (Figure G) Lubricate o-ring seal with engine oil

4. Remove oil pan access panel. 1 screw. (Figure I)

5. Loosen oil drain plug, 17mm bolt. (Figure J) Place a pan below oil drain plug. Remove oil drain plug by hand and drain oil into pan.

6. Replace sealing washer on drain plug. (Figure L) Reinstall drain plug when oil has finished draining (oil will be slowly dripping out). (Tightening torque specifications: 25Nm (18 ft-lbs)) Reinstall oil pan access panel.

7. Reinstall oil filter cover. (Tightening torque specifications: 25Nm (18 ft-lbs))

8. Fill car with 6 quarts of oil. Lower car off ramps. Run engine and check oil level. Add more oil until dip stick shows full.

Oil Service Indicator Reset
1999-2000 E46s: You need a service internal reset tool or you can do it manually from the Diagnostic Port under the hood of the car. (Figure M)

If you don't have a reset tool, use a paper clip or wire to ground the service inspection pin.
Turn Ignition to Position 1
Oil Reset - Connect Pins 7 and 19 for 3 seconds.
Inspection Reset - Connect Pins 7 and 19 for 9 seconds.

Late 2000-2006 E46s: You can reset the service intervals from the On Board Computer.

1. Hold the odometer reset button and while turning Ignition to Position 1. Hold button until it displays "OIL SERVICE" or "INSPECTION" with RESET or RE
2. Release the button and and press it gain until "RESET" or "RE" flashes.
3. Press the button one more time.


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