DIY Sunroof Sunshade Sliders


Figure A: Picture of the Sliding Piece Left. Bottom one is broken

Figure B: Remove (2) t-25 Bolts

Figure C: Remove (1) t-25 Bolt

Figure D: Remove Sunshade

Figure E: Remove Sliding Piece Left

Figure F: Check / Replace Sliding Piece Right

Figure G: Place Clip into rail first, then slide into position.

Figure H: Align Sunroof Glass


E46 Sunroof Sunshade Sliders

These instructions are only a guide for fixing the sunroof sunshade sliders. Please read through all the instructions before attempting to install on your own. I take no responsibilities for any inaccuracies or problems/damage /injuries you may encounter from using these instructions. Please consult your shop manual.

When the clips on sunshade break, it'll fall off the rails and be difficult to open / close the sunshade. Typcially only the Left Slider Pieces break. The Right Side Slider pieces will often fall off if your sunshade isn't on the rails.

Parts Needed
Sliding Piece Left -
(Part # 54138246027 for older sunshades.
Path # 54137134516 for newer shunshades) (Figure A)
Sliding Piece Right (Part # 54138246025) (Figure F)

You need to verify which sunshade you have. Older ones, the bolts are closer together. BMW has sold me the wrong parts numerous times for this. They always sell me the Sliding Piece Left for the newer sunshades. It won't work on the older sunshades. Depending on how many clips are broken on your sunroof, you may need 2 left pieces and 2 right pieces. You should check before hand to see which parts you need. You could also just buy all 4 clips and return the unused parts.

Tools Needed
T-10mm Torx Screw Driver
T-25mm Torx Screw Driver

1. Remove the glass sunroof. It's connect by (6) t-25 screws. Remove the (2) t-25 screws from the front rails. (Figure B) Remove the (1) t-25 from the rear rails. (Figure C) Complete for both sides. Remove glass by pushing it up from the inside of the car. Have a friend grab the glass while you hold it up.

2. With sunroof glass removed, pull the sunshade foward so you can remove old Sliding Pieces. Only the left side is bolted down. The right side uses springs to keep it in the rails. (Figure D).

3. Remove Sliding Piece left. (2) t-10 torx screws. (Figure E) Pull sunshade out to inspect it.

4. Check / Replace sliding Piece Right. Mine were fine so I didn't replace them. If they are damaged / missing, replace with new ones. (Figure F)

5. Place sunshade back into the rails. Start with the right side (with the spring clips). Replaced Sliding Piece Left. You may need to place clip into the rail first and then slide it into the position. (Figure G)

6. Place sunroof glass back into place. Loosely screw in all the 6 screws. Have a freind help you align the sunroof glass. Make sure it is flush with the roof of the car. (Figure H) Tighten down the (6) t-25 screws.

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