BMW E46 Gear Ratio / Cruising RPM calculator

Gear Ratio Calculator

This calculator is for finding your maximum speed for each gear. You can either enter the values manually or use the presets on the right. The presets on the right only change the Transmission Ratios, Final Drive Ratio and Engine Redline for the specific models. You you need to enter in your tire size, the E46 Profiles do not change it. These are specifications for US cars only. Other countries have different ratios for the same car. This will also calculate your highway cruising engine RPMs for a given speed.

Wheel Size
Tire Width (in mm) [Example: (225 / 45 - 17)]
Tire Aspect Ratio [Example: (225 / 45 - 17)]
Wheel Size (in inches) [Example: (225 / 45 - 17)]
Transmission Ratios
1st Gear
2nd Gear
3rd Gear
4th Gear
5th Gear
6th Gear
Final Drive Ratio
Engine Redline RPM
Max Speed in each Gear MPH at Redline
Max Speed in 1st Gear
Max Speed in 2nd Gear
Max Speed in 3rd Gear
Max Speed in 4th Gear
Max Speed in 5th Gear
Max Speed in 6th Gear
Calculate your RPMs based upon your Cruising Speed
Cruising Speed (Enter speed you drive on the HWY) MPH
Engine RPM at Cruising Speed RPM
Select an E46 Profile. Clicking on the model changes the Transmission Ratio, Final Drive Ratio and the Engine Redline (Does not update Tire Size)
- Default Manual Gear Ratios
- Default Automatic Gear Ratios
Tire Sizes
Select Different Final Drive
E46 Ratios (non M3)
E46 M3 Ratios * 3.91 and 4.10 are aftermarket
Select Different Redline

* These results are based on mathematical formulas. Your actual speed may vary. Top speeds are theoretical. I am not responsible for any inaccuracies provided in these calculations. They are only provided for entertainment / informational purposes.

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